Contemporary Barn Conversion

Modern Mediterranean ‘Zoned’ garden

A neighbouring property to the Wildflower Meadow Garden in Leigh,  this client wanted to create a contemporary feel to their new garden that would work within the surrounding countryside and the exterior styling of the building but also compliment the contemporary styling of the interior of the property.

On discussions with the client, a busy couple in their early 50’s, we discovered that they wanted a garden which flowed comfortably from the inside to the outside space which was then designed in distinct zones that could be progressed through.  Each area was designed to be seen from different angles whether one was gardening, sunbathing, relaxing, dining etc.

The 45 degree angles within the scheme really help with the dynamic flow around the garden and work well with the length of the garden whilst the focus is brought well and truly within the garden there is still a relationship to the wider landscape beyond the boundaries.

The client wanted to maximise the use of space and light and so we created an initial relaxed area of seating and planting by building a raised bed which doubles as a water feature with progressive water blades feeding a small rill. The combination of water, feature planting and seating creates a relaxing environment immediately outside the house to enjoy.

A herb garden borders the kitchen area and leads to a Pergola, planted with scented lavender and climbers, leading to a focal planter, a mediterranean style pot filled with flowers. This section houses an area for sunbathing with more raised beds edging the area for privacy and creating a sense of enclosure.  From here you can see the ‘parterre’ planting of formal Buxus sempervirens hedging with a ‘cutting garden’ of flowers within.

Finally, the top of the garden houses a curved, raised bed in block and render which sweeps down from 1.2m high to 40cm high, bordering a curved patio area for dining and relaxing. The raised bed creates protection from the elements giving the patio a setting but also allowing a ‘window’ to the landscape beyond. Windbreak planting of trees and native hedging to the boundaries protect the garden and inhabitants from  the elements.


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